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WOCPSCN members join local chapters in your area.  Your membership allows you to duplicate any WOCPSCN initiative while you can tailor it for your community.  

Community membership impacts your community's growth and development.   Community Levels are:


Community Investor  Member                            $2,000

  • Build local chapters

  • Ability to partner with local organizations

  • Sponsor local program

  • WOCSPCN Master Class Advocacy Program Instructor

  • Guest Host during Podcast series

Professional Member                                             $250

  • Local WOCPSCN spokesperson

  • Free registration for the WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program


JazzyJZ Member                                                      $45         

  • Discounts for all JazzyJZ initiatives

  • Two (2) Free registration for the WOCPSCN Master Class Advocacy Program


  • Certificate of Support/Volunteering

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WhatsApp:  $wocpscn

Final Clearance

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WhatsApp:  $wocpscn



Global Guardian Partnership  (Partnership Level)                            $5,000

GSP Membership     (Partnership Level)                                                $4,000

Community Builder  (Partnership Level)                                                $3,500

Community Investor  Member                                                                   $2,000

Professional Member                                                                                    $250

JazzyJZ Member                                                                                             $45         

Ambassador | Community Volunteer 

WOCPSCN membership is open to all applicants who support our mission and goals without

regard to race, religion/creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual preference, or identity.


Your donations/ sponsorships will support our vision toward gender equity and equality.

 You can also consider our Patreon Membership. 

We invite you to be a part of the WOCPSCN community.   

WOCPSCN Alliance Policy | Membership Application

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