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JazzyJZ Leadership-Building & Mentoring

Leadership advisory for young businesswomen to strengthen their professional goals.

Women's History Month
Virtual Zoom, Fri, Mar 24, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM 
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Join our annual virtual WOCPSN's JazzyJZ discussion on the 5-Point Leadership-Building platform. The JazzyJZ Mentoring ensures young professional women preparation to move into corporate and community leadership platforms. Our discussion will consider the 5-point leadership concerns and opportunities to enhance professional growth. We will also discuss the JazzyJZ International Leadership-Building Conference that will take place in September 2023.

WOCPSCN/JazzyJZ Membership

Professional Member                                       $250

  • Member Certificate

  • JazzyJZ Mentor

  • Mentor Connectional Ambassador

Seniors and JazzyJZ                                          $45 

  • Member Certificate

  • JazzyJZ Mentoring Platform

  • Membership Alliances


Youth | Ambassador                                          Free

  •    Certification of Participation 

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